The new album Daemmerlicht finds the Bavarian musician exploring novel territory combining Recondite´s love of instrumental hip hop and downbeat with ambient and classical music.The result is his most focused meditative work yet. From the haunting soundscapes of “Lichtung” to the cinematic beauty of closing track “Immer Da”, the album demonstrates a new level of sophistication to Lorenz Brunner’s venerated catalogue of work. Making conscious useof atmosphere and space the album ultimately harkens to Brunner’s unique upbringing in Lower Bavaria.

label Plangent Records
release date 16/02/2018


A1: Daemmerlicht
A2: Durch den Hohlweg

B1: Lichtung
B2: Hoelenlichter
B3: Der Steinmetz

C1: Von der Kanzel
C2: Am Tag Danach
C3: Im Holz
C4: Im Regen

D1: Am Sonntag
D2: Unten
D3: Immer Da